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  • Red Velvet
    * Peanut Butter Cup  *Mexican Hot Chocolate *Cotton Candy
  • Caramel Popcorn *Mocha
  •  *Vanilla Bean Blackberry  *Cookie Dough  *S'Mores
  • Chocolate Hazelnut *Dark Chocolate Cabernet *Strawberry,
  • Coconut Cream Pie, Banana Cream Pie, Pistachio Raspberry, Gluten Free Triple Chocolate, Gluten Free Vanilla Confetti


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Send your inspiration pics to 701-500-1888

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Vanilla, *Vanilla Bean Berry, *Matcha Green Tea, *Coconut Crème, *Dark Chocolate,*Milk Chocolate Raspberry, *Raspberry Lemon.

Macaron Flavors

Birthday Cake, *Candy Cane, *Cheesecake, *Chocolate, *Coconut Crème, *Coffee, *Mint, *Original, *Pistachio, *Strawberries and Cream.

Weddings/ Parties/ Outside Event

Delivery: $9.99

Set up: $30.00

Display Rental: $45.00

Wedding Cakes:

            Single Tier: $55.00

            Two Tier: $150.00

            Three Tier: $200.00

**Real & Fake Flowers may result in an additional cost**

Cupcake Bar: $3.00 Per Person

Dessert Bar (Shortbread, Cupcakes, Tarts, & Macarons) $4.50 Per Person

Charcuterie Table:

            4FT Table (125 People) $600.00

            6FT Table (200 People) $850.00

            8Ft Table (250 People) 1200.00


Cake Tasting: No Cost for up to three tasting flavors.

Cake flavors made as 2 cupcakes per flavor.

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