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Lunch Date

When and Where!?

On Thursday, July 21st at 7PM, Guilty Sweets is hosting a Speed Dating Event. [Must be 21 or over]

It's $10.00 per ticket, and there will be Charcuterie Cones, Soda, Beer, Wine and Seltzers available during your dates!

We will utilize the indoor seating and outdoor area of Guilty Sweets, 3 1st St SE, Suite 2! 

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How it Works

We have set up a super fun, and really unique way to meet new people in Minot. Not looking to find a partner, how about a friend?

We will begin the night with some light Charcuterie, the beverage of your choice. After everyone has settled in Guilty Sweets has written a series of intriguing, conversation starting topics. Each topic gets one minute of discussion before we press the buzzer for the next topic the men are required to move tables to the next person for the next topic. Each table will get a GOLDEN BUZZER, if this buzzer is pressed, the suitor at your table can stay for a second topic!

Each individual will receive a card with each person's name on it. If you "click" with a person, check off their name. If they match with you, we will reach out to you the following day to make the connection! 

**You will only get the persons information if YOU BOTH MATCHED WITH EACHOTHER** 


Sign up on the form to the right! We are really looking forward to seeing you!  

Speed Dating

$10.00 per person/ must be 21+


Thanks for signing up!

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